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The First Ever Whole-Home Cold Therapy System

The First Ever Whole-Home Cold Therapy System

What is Silient?

Silient is the first ever whole-home cold therapy system. Consisting of a tank and chiller, our patent-pending technology delivers cold water directly into your home through your existing plumbing. Instead of using standard municipal water, homeowners are now able to chill the water down to a specific temperature and access that chilled water on demand through their smartphones or a remote installed in their bathrooms. No need to buy a special tub, loads of ice, or a membership to a cryotherapy spa. Cold water immersion therapy can feel hard. Silient makes it easy and convenient to enjoy all of the health benefits of cold water therapy right at home.

How does it work?

Think of Silient as the opposite of a hot water heater—it’s an on-demand cold water chiller.

  1. The Silient cold water system is easily installed by one of our experts in your existing utility room or wherever your hot water heater is located.
  2. Water from a municipal water line is fed directly into your Silient cold water chiller tank. Cooling mechanisms inside the Silient water chiller tank lower the water to your preferred temperature*, and temperature regulators keep the water at this exact temperature until you’re ready to use it.
  3. When you’re ready to use your Silient cold water system, simply open the Silient app and turn the system on. Our patent-pending technology will deliver on-demand cold water through the pipes in your home and into your showers and bathtubs. You can also monitor the cold water temperature and turn your Silient system on or off using an app on your smartphone. 

*Depending on the size of your Silient water chiller tank and environmental factors, chill times to reach preferred water temperature can vary between 1-4 hours.

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What makes Silient different?

Silient works directly with what you already have in your home. You don’t need to buy a special cold water tub or find a big enough space to fit a cold plunge tank. You don’t need to buy a membership to a cryotherapy spa. You don’t even need to buy ice. The Silient cold water system gives you all of the health benefits of cold water therapy without ever having to leave your home.

Easy And Convenient

With the simple push of a button, you’ll have on-demand cold water coming out of all of your fixtures and faucets. Most other cold therapy options require access to a hose, excessive amounts of ice, and long chill times. With Silient, you’ll have clean, filtered, cold water on demand.

Doesn’t Take Up Any Usable Space

Made from high-quality materials and beautifully-designed, the Silient cold water system doesn’t take up any usable space and is easily installed in your utility room or wherever your hot water heater is located.

On-Demand Cold Water

However long it takes for the water in your showers and sinks to get hot is the same amount of time it takes the Silient system to deliver cold water to your showers and bathtubs using its patent-pending technology. The Silient cold water system is able to get—and stay—much colder than other cold therapy options.

Controlled Through Your Phone

The Silient cold water system can be operated from any location—even if you’re away from home—through your smartphone. Using the Silient app, you’ll be able to set your desired water temperature, observe and monitor the water temperature as it cools, and turn the chilled water delivery system on and off.

Clean And No-Maintenance

The cold water from the Silient cold water chiller tank comes out of your faucets and showerheads, and immediately goes down the drain once you’re done using it. This is ideal for anyone who prefers to take cold showers after workouts or exercising. Unlike other outdoor cold water tubs, the chances for mold or bacteria growth are eliminated with a Silient cold water system; there is no stagnant water and no extra cleaning or disinfecting.