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Why You Should Consider the Silient Cold Water System For Your Home

Why You Should Consider the Silient Cold Water System For Your Home

Cold water exposure can be difficult—it’s uncomfortable to sit under near-freezing water for any period of time. But more and more people are experiencing the health and lifestyle benefits that cold water therapy can provide, including improved circulation, increased metabolism, and better focus.

At Silient, our goal is to bring these benefits directly to you. We want to make it easier to do hard things.

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a Silient cold water system for your home.

  • The Silient cold water system uses your existing showers and bathtubs. You get on-demand cold therapy directly through your home’s existing plumbing. You don’t need to buy a special cold water tub or cold plunge tank. You don’t need to buy a membership to a whole body cryotherapy spa. You don’t even need to buy ice. Silient makes it easy and convenient to enjoy all of the health benefits of cold water therapy right at home.
  • Silient provides both cold showers and cold water immersion therapy. Silient is the only product on the market that offers temperature-controlled cold showers. You can also use the Silient cold water system to fill your bathtub for cold water immersion.
  • Silient is quick and easy to install. One of our experts will install the Silient cold water system directly in your home for you. Installation is seamless and takes about one hour to complete. Once installed, all you have to do is set your desired cold water temperature, and let the system chill and store the water for on-demand cold showers and baths.
  • The Silient cold water system doesn’t take up any usable space. The Silient cold water tank and chiller doesn’t take up any usable space, and is seamlessly installed in your utility room or wherever your hot water heater is located.
  • Silient gets colder than other cold water therapy. Cooling mechanisms inside the Silient water chiller tank can lower the water temperature to 38 degrees Fahrenheit, and temperature regulators inside the tank then keep the water cold until you’re ready to use. With Silient’s patent-pending technology, the cold water coming out of your showerheads and faucets will stay at a consistent temperature.
  • Silient is cleaner and more sanitary than other cold water therapy. The cold water from the Silient cold water chiller tank comes out of your faucets and showerheads, and immediately goes down the drain once you’re done. This is ideal for anyone who prefers to take cold showers or do cold water immersion therapy after a workout. Unlike other cold water tubs where the same water is reused, the chances for mold or bacteria growth are eliminated with a Silient cold water system. There is no stagnant water and no extra cleaning or disinfecting required.
  • The Silient cold water system can be fully operated from your smartphone. The Silient cold water system can be operated from any location—even if you’re away from home—through your smartphone. Using the Silient app, you’ll be able to set your desired water temperature, observe and monitor the water temperature as it cools, and turn the chilled water delivery system on and off.
  • Silient is a whole-home cold therapy system. Since the Silient cold water system comes through any faucet and showerhead in your home, you can have access to cold water therapy from multiple different places. Experience cold showers in the bathroom, access cold drinking water in the kitchen, or enjoy cold water out in the yard. With Silient, you aren’t limited to one place or space.

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